Livestrong LS5.0U Upright Bike

Livestrong LS5.0U Upright Bike

For people who often have problem in having a proper exercise everyday because of the hectic and limited time to do any kinds of activities including for workout, they need the home fitness equipment, such like the exercise bike which can support them to have a proper workout at home, for example by having an indoor biking for workout. There are various types of exercise bikes that can be chosen, for example Livestrong LS5.0U Upright Bike. It is the exercise bike for all people with any kinds of body shape. It offers the adjustable seats to give comfort and to accommodate people with various body shapes to get comfort on riding this exercise bike. The adjustments, which are various for some parts, are helpful for getting the most comfortable positions when having a workout at home. Thus, even though people spending almost all of their day for doing their routines, they can still enjoy their workout at home by having the home fitness as like this stuff. This stuff also offers various programs and also features. They are completed the comfort and effective effort for a body wellness and health need of the people. The comfort is also offered by this product.


Livestrong LS5.0U Upright Bike ReviewThe Livestrong LS5.0U Upright Bike Features and Details

There are some features and details which are offered by the Livestrong LS5.0U Upright Bike. There are some technologies which can be obtained by people who use this exercise cycle. First of all, we will talk about the measurement or dimension of this bike. It has 56x41x22 inches with the weight about eighty six pounds. The seat type for this bike is the padded form ones which also has the wider surface for the users comfort. For the resistance, it uses the magnetic brakes for twenty levels. In addition there are about eleven programs there. The consistent movement is offered by the flywheels which deliver fluids.

If we look for the exercise stuffs which are not only offering the effective workout and effective fitness, but also comfort and fun, this Livestrong LS5.0U Upright Bike offers them all. For enjoying the workout session with this exercise bike, it has the technology of speaker with Sony-Surround systems. It supports various MP3 players including iPod. The users can enjoy the workout session by enjoying the favorite motivational speeches to increase the spirit.

Besides all those features and details, we also can find some other specifications which can meet our need for the comfort while we have a workout with this stuff, for example the pedals which use the quick-zip. It also has the grip for the hearts rates. Then, for the resistance it has about twenty. For the interface, Livestrong LS5.0U Upright Bike uses LED and LCD. Those are the features and specification of this exercise bike which offers the comfort, fitness, and fun in one device. The exercise bike also offers the guarantee for about ten years for the frame, while for labors and parts are one year.

The Livestrong LS5.0U Upright Bike Pros and Cons

If we see a lot of products, we will get the pros and cons about them. Almost all products have pros and cons since of course the condition of each user is also different. It is including for this stuff of the Livestrong LS5.0U Upright Bike. There are some pros which can give the benefits and also the cons which we should deal with. Here they are some pros and cons for this exercise bike.

Livestrong LS5.0U Upright Bike ReviewPros:

  • The sturdy materials with the various features.
  • The technology for enjoying the workout with the built in speakers that support a lot of kinds of mp3 players, such as iPod.
  • The performance does not produce the noises which often becomes the problem of an exercise bike.
  • The operation of this bike is totally smooth.


  • The off button is also unavailable. It will be energy wasting sometimes.
  • The seat is made to be wide for the comfort but sometimes it makes people feel uncomfortable instead because of its flat and wide seat.

The Livestrong LS5.0U Upright Bike Review

With all the features and technology which are aimed to give a comfort and fun for the users, this Livestrong LS5.0U Upright Bikestill has the various things which are given to the users. That is why on the previous section, there are the pros and cons which we have to deal with. It is better to try riding the exercise bike first before buying. Why? It is because we will get the point when we try it directly or at least reading the reviews here.

Sandra Martinez – I have had this bike now for almost two months now. I have no regrets on this purchase. I ride this bike a few times a week to change up my workouts. If you’re in the market to buy an exercise machine, I would recommend this bike. I love it!

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Larry Micke – Looked forward to receiving the bike and was excited to receive it. However, after assembling the bike I discovered that the power cord on the bike was broken. I first contacted Livestrong and then, thinking they would tell me it was a shipping problem, I contacted Amazon. Amazon offered to ship a new bike to me and allow me to return the defective bike after I received the new one. I liked this option as it would not require me to totally disassemble the previous bike. However, after I made these arrangements, I was contacted by Livestrong who said they would ship the broken part and arrange to have a technician come to my house to repair the bike, free of charge. I contacted Amazon, canceled the new order, and waited for the repair. Which did happen, all within five days of my contacting Livestrong.

I was extremely happy with the result as well as the service I received from both Livestrong and Amazon. The bike is now up and running and is great. Definitely a workout and it is extremely quiet, almost eerily so. After using exercise equipment at gyms for so long, it takes some getting used to not hearing machines clanging, people grunting and talking. Very enjoyable. Will the bike make me lose pounds and inches? That is probably more up to me than the bike but I like the future!

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